prepping for lunch

A Vegan Summer

prepping for lunchprepping for lunch

we are finally caught up to today’s meals! Unfortunately I didn’t snap a shot of my breakfast smoothie (it was a pretty unappetizing color) but it was filling to say the least {banana, strawberries, kale, spinach, chia seeds, almond milk, ice}
After my job interview (go me!) I was pretty hungry as it was after 1pm so I whipped up another smoothie as I prepared a simply lunch.
Smoothie: {banana, peach, mango, raspberries, almond milk, ice} topped with a frozen peach slice! Perfect to sip on while I worked on my guac!

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Yoga – May-I-Begin-Yoga Days 3-6


Here are days 3-6 of the May I being yoga challenge. I am thoroughly enjoying each of these poses to the fullest.

Day 3 was tree pose which for me is always a favorite to relax and meditate in. I feel some days I can just stand there forever and drift away.

Days 4 & 5 I attempted to combine into a small flow really allowing for a deep stretch in the rotated angle; squeezing out those lungs. I ended with a small flip your dog into a backbend which is always such a powerful and invigorating stretch for the spine.
Finally day 6 was forearm plank. I’ll be honest, my form isn’t as great as it could be (big booty problems), but man my back has been pretty sore. I tried as best as I could, without turtle-ing the back, but I really wanted to take it easy. I…

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7 Confessions Of A Dude Who Loves Yoga

Thought Catalog

In the past, when I make my trips to the gym, I’ll notice the energy-filled, sweat-inducing Body Pump and Zumba classes. The yoga class is a stark contrast; there’s an absence that hugs the very floors of the studio. Not in the sense that something is lacking; but an absence of chaos, tension, aggression; there’s a refined, razor-sharp focus that bounces off the students’ mats, within the glass walls and mirrors.

1. My guy friends were like, “What are you going to get from one hour of yoga? You’re not going to grow legs at Bikram.”

It’s different from going for that neuromuscular shock when you’re whimpering for dear life in the sixth or seventh set of your deadlift two-rep max. Yoga develops core strength. Besides the lack of peer support for guys doing yoga, there are mental skyscrapers to overcome before stepping into a yoga studio for the very…

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Yoga – May-I-Begin-Yoga Challenge Days 17-25, 27

Beginner’s yoga update! I have days 17-25 ready along with 27. Day 26 will be shared later, oh and day 24, the splits…yea, that needs some serious work! BUT, I’m getting it. Hoping to do the splits and handstand by my 27th birthday, keeping my fingers crossed and practicing everyday.
Day 17 was triangle pose. I absolutely love the twist in this pose, it really pushes out all the air in your lungs and I think helps trim the waist a bit. Don’t mind the face, clearly I have “bitch face” when I exercise, or struggling to not fall over.
Day 18 is hard to do, especially when your hammies are as tight as rocks most days. Uh, but I’ve noticed a huge improvement since February-ish so I’m stoked about that.
Day 19 is pictured above at the beginning. I have to say I was surprised I could do this…

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Quick Healthy & Delicious Smoothies

While researching foods that may benefit my body, I found that berries are high in antioxidants, may cut belly fat, may help with inflammation, metabolism, etc.  They are also low in calories.
A smoothie is a quick way to enjoy and reap the benefits of the world of berries.

purple smoothie Blueberry Smoothie

raspberry smoothie Raspberry Smoothie

strawberry smoothie Strawberry Smoothie

Each smoothie consists of the same ingredients except for the berries of your preference.

  • 1 cup of plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 handful of spinach leaves
  • 10-15 frozen berries (add more if desire) of your choice
  • 1/2 -1 cup of unsweetened almond milk

You can add a little water if the texture is too thick for you.  Adjust to your liking.

Have a very berry day!  Enjoy!

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