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In the past, when I make my trips to the gym, I’ll notice the energy-filled, sweat-inducing Body Pump and Zumba classes. The yoga class is a stark contrast; there’s an absence that hugs the very floors of the studio. Not in the sense that something is lacking; but an absence of chaos, tension, aggression; there’s a refined, razor-sharp focus that bounces off the students’ mats, within the glass walls and mirrors.

1. My guy friends were like, “What are you going to get from one hour of yoga? You’re not going to grow legs at Bikram.”

It’s different from going for that neuromuscular shock when you’re whimpering for dear life in the sixth or seventh set of your deadlift two-rep max. Yoga develops core strength. Besides the lack of peer support for guys doing yoga, there are mental skyscrapers to overcome before stepping into a yoga studio for the very…

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