Here are days 3-6 of the May I being yoga challenge. I am thoroughly enjoying each of these poses to the fullest.

Day 3 was tree pose which for me is always a favorite to relax and meditate in. I feel some days I can just stand there forever and drift away.

Days 4 & 5 I attempted to combine into a small flow really allowing for a deep stretch in the rotated angle; squeezing out those lungs. I ended with a small flip your dog into a backbend which is always such a powerful and invigorating stretch for the spine.
Finally day 6 was forearm plank. I’ll be honest, my form isn’t as great as it could be (big booty problems), but man my back has been pretty sore. I tried as best as I could, without turtle-ing the back, but I really wanted to take it easy. I…

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